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The Indian Income Tax Act allows for certain deductions which can be claimed to save tax at the time of filing of Income Tax Return by all classes of Taxpayers (i.e. Salaried Individuals, Professionals, businessman etc). These deductions which help in saving tax are only available if the taxpayer has done proper tax planning during the year.

If your tax planner has done proper Tax Planning to save tax, such deductions would be subtracted from the gross total income and income tax would be levied on the balance income as per the income tax slabs in force.

A major time-consuming activity for every Indian, tax planning gives sleepless nights if not done properly and especially if postponed till last minute. we can definitely help remove your fear of taxes.


Effective tax planning helps you to boost returns on capital along with protecting the value of your assets for future generations. The client needs to evaluate and plan tax in a manner that benefits income, needs, broad financial plan and personal financial outlook. Chaudhary Creations takes care of tax planning investment to manage income tax, insurance, retirement goals all in a single shot and without exceeding surplus capital. Our core area lies in building tax-aware investment portfolios and determines appropriate tax efficient distribution strategies.

Benefits of choosing Chaudhary Creations for Tax Planning:

– Evaluating current tax planning & management efficiency
– Budgeting, planning expenses and handling Depreciation
– Providing Cash Management Advisory
– Optimizing Strategy for making fund provisions
– Core efficiency in handling TDS, advance tax, service tax, VAT and other tax & tax related payments
– Evading interest and penalties by aggressively monitoring, planning & making tax payments on time
– Computation & calculation of income and capital gain taxes
– Application of PAN, PIO, KYC
– Filing of income tax return
– Facilitation of Tax Audit
– Consultation on any tax matter

Problems about tax planning

A major time-consuming activity for every Indian, tax planning gives sleepless nights if not done properly and especially if postponed till last minute. Adding to the misery is the complexity and dynamism of The Income Tax Act that changes every year and requires one to be in touch with the latest developments. Further, there are a no. of mis-conceptions in the minds of common man surrounding tax planning in our country that further increase his/her miseries.

Our Tax Planning Services

Do you invest every year just for the sake of saving taxes? Are you aware that you can invest in mutual funds, get market related returns and still save on taxes? Have you sold a property recently and faced a heavy capital gains tax liability but do not know what to do?

We provide tax planning services of the following kind:
> Capital Gains Tax Planning

> Tax Planning for NRIs

> Tax planning for Salaried Individuals esp. Sec 80C portfolio construction

> Advice on the best Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) for you

If you wish to avail of our Tax Planning services then click here

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